A Vagrant Script to Automatically Enable Apache Sites

At work, we are starting to use Vagrant to manage our virtual machines, and are largely having great success with it. Through mapping a virtual directory back to a source folder on our Mac, we are able to use the same git repositories across multiple virtual servers and operating system environments, and thus Vagrant automates most of the VM build and configuration process for us.

One area that isn’t automated, that we decided should be, is mapping the Apache configuration files stored in our git repositories to Apache automatically. I wrote this small script and placed it in our Puppet / PuPHPet files/exec-always directory, which crawls our git folders looking for local configuration files and mapping them into an Apache conf file at initial vagrant up and then at every reboot:

We have PuPHPet set up to map /Volumes/Sites to /var/www, so that /var/www contains all of our repos. Apache config is found in /var/www/reponame/apache/local.conf – if your configuration differs the above would need to be modified. However, it automates the process of setting up Apache config, which just helps us develop faster. Combine this tactic with the use of dnsmasq to automatically resolve all addresses ending with a custom TLD directly to the virtual machine, it also eliminates the need to modify the hosts file for each new site.

EDIT: Depending on how fast the mapping to /var/www happens, it is possible that Apache will attempt to load configuration from /var/www before it is actually mounted, causing Apache to error out and fail to start. I changed the Apache reload directive for a restart directive to ensure that Apache starts after loading the config, which is already being delayed by 30 seconds to give the filesystem time to fully mount.

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