Performance Patch for WP_Meta_Query in WordPress Core

WP_Meta_Query has a problem – it doesn’t perform well when using the OR operator with multiple key/value pairs for comparison. The performance worsens exponentially with each additional key/value pair added to the query. The problem is due to how the SQL query is constructed. Let’s take an example WP_Query containing a meta query:

The […]

Fixing WordPress Permissions

Problem: Setting your site’s WordPress permissions according to the instructions found on the official Changing File Permissions page results in the dreaded FTP credentials prompt (“To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server”). How to Reproduce: Setting the owner as a user other than the web server user, and trying to […]

Fixing Display Bug in Chrome on Virtualized Ubuntu

I was having a rather large problem with Chrome in my virtualized Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop build causing a glitch with the virtualized graphics driver that would crash not just Chrome, not just my VM, but my entire OSX session. I wouldn’t be able to break out of fullscreen/mouse/keyboard capture and therefore couldn’t force-close the VM, […]