Configuring the Apple IR Remote on Ubuntu for LibreOffice Impress

I went through this process for the third time in two years today, and I figured I would document it here, primarily for selfish purposes (so I have a record of it for the future). Every time I install the new version of Ubuntu from scratch, I have to re-do this configuration, which means every six months.

  1. Open the Synaptic Package Manager and remove the packages lirc and lirc-x completely, if they exist.
  2. Open a terminal and run:
    sudo apt-get install lirc lirc-x
  3. Select Apple Mac mini USB IR Receiver from the list
  4. Select None for IR Transmitter
  5. Open/create ~/.lircrc and add the following:
    prog = irxevent
    button = FORWARD
    config = Key space CurrentWindow
    prog = irxevent
    button = BACKWARD
    config = Key BackSpace CurrentWindow
  6. Start irxevent daemon: irxevent -d
  7. Add irxevent daemon command to startup (optional)

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