New Website, Work in Progress

After switching my family website ( to a WordPress site, I decided that I wanted to make this site a WordPress site also. The release of WordPress 3 got me motivated to make the change. Converting the site to WordPress will allow me to keep a blog here, and allow me to manage my pages more easily.

I upgraded the K&K site to WordPress using the automatic upgrader, which worked like a charm. I have yet to play around with the new features of WordPress 3 in any significant way. This blog will end up being about technology (mostly web development on the LAMP stack, HTML, CSS, standards issues, that sort of thing) and my academic work in Science and Technology Studies (STS), particularly my dissertation focus (website design processes and the impact on users with disabilities).

As of writing, I haven’t done anything with the WordPress theme, so you’re getting plain vanilla right now. The K&K site has a fully customized theme, which I will end up employing here at some point, when I get a moment to sit down and write it.

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